Sunday, 26 June 2016

Local Update or Something

Okay so, a few things have happened since last time.
I got a job at a bakery (no I don't make the food, I am only serving the customers food and making milkshakes and some coffees.). It's a really good little job that I do kinda part time. I work on the weekends and since I'm on a roster my hours will change and shift from time to time. Sometimes I'm working both Saturday and Sunday and that can be tiring and sometimes even gets in the way of school work (what a shame) anyway it's really fun most of the time. The people I'm working with are lots of fun. A few interesting customers come in and make my day more interesting. So thats a plus. Also having a job helps with my time managment and organising things, like hanging out with my friends and homework.

The other thing that has started up or been going on for a while is the school production. Which is really cool and fun. The only thing is that there are sooo many people taking part which in a way is awesome with people wanting to do it and all. The only downfall is that the amount of speaking lines and roles gets tough and very competitive. I could rant about the fact that my role is not what I was hoping for but atleast I got a speaking role even if the role is not that big. It still is something and I can still have fun with it. The dance hat we are learning for the roles and the scenes Im in are really cool and they look pretty cool too.

I feel like I've been living at school for the past couple of weeks. I mean its hard enough doing things like drawing and beking when Im at school from 8 in the morning to 5:30 in the afternoon. There is no time in my life to do the fun things that I enjoy and even the less important things like homework sufffer to. When I get a day of work I usually spend it trying to recover and staying well so that I don't take any time of or anything.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Golden Hamster

ANother day of felting, well mostly felting. This morning me, my sister and mum went to the movies and saw The Jungle Book, which was very cool. It was done very well with the cool effects of talking animanls and all. The theatre was full of little kids, and to my surprise they weren't distracting at all which was really nice.

Anyway after the movies I wanted to get my hampster done.

He's so cute. I had so mch fun making him. With his little yellow body, and tiny feet and ears. They are all soo cute. 

He's another photo with the penguin

They're just so adorable together. I can't wait to see how the others will turn out.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Blue Penguin

It's the attack of cuteness right now. Today I had a package arrive for me with four felting kits that I had ordered. And I'm so happy.
A fair while ago I descovered felting and had a bit of practise with some materials, but I felt like i need some gidenece to improve my skills and all. Whats really cool about felting is that it is super easy and fun.
So I decided to get some packs.
I've only done one today but hopefully throguhout the week I can post the others.

Here is the penguin that I started with. He looked the easiest to start with.

Here is the packet that I got. So as you can see there is also a hamster in the same packet, so i'll him a bit later in the week.

It took me about an hour and a half to complete, which was a really good use of my afternoon.
The only 'problem' i had to overcome in this felting indevour is that the instrctions are in japanese. So that was fun trying to figure out what the pictures/diagrams were telling me to do. I could kind of understand a few words since I took japanese three years ago. But even then my japanese language skills are very very limited. But I got there in the end and can't wait to get started in the next one.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016


Another anime review YAY
Well this time the anime is Charlotte.
I watched this anime subbed because I don't think there is a dubbed. I don't really mind either way. 
I enjoyed every episode of this anime it was really good and each episode left me wanting more. This anime isn't perfect it's timing/pacing could have been better but no anime is perfect. The thing I liked when watching this was its unpredictability, you didn't know what the next episode had installed for you. 
I personally really liked the character and could connect to the characters. All the main characters were likable in their own way. 

Yuu Otosaka

 Yuu Otosaka is the main character that the story follows. He has the ability to take control of other people for five seconds, but as he does so his own body will collapse. Yuu uses this ability to cheat at schools to get into the top schools. He starts off as a real obnoxious pain in the ass, but as he meets new people and makes friends with them he develops into a better person, socially and with his sister.

Tomori Nao

The other main character, she is the quiet type but she still has a witty comeback for you. She can turn invisible to only one person at a time. She does this to find other people with powers. Most of the time she carries around a video camera so she can catch evidence and in a way black mail the other people to stop using their powers.

The main plot of this anime is that a group of junior high kids go around finding other people with similar powers and getting them to stop using them for the wrong reasons and all. Of course other stuff happens in the second half of the series but I really don't want to spoil it for you. You gotta watch it for yourself :) 

Monday, 18 January 2016

Going Busking at NorthWest

So I have started to busk in the outside world, well sort of anyway. At NorthWest there was/is a budding buskers festival and I decided to take part since I play guitar. 
It happened on the 17 January (I was going to write this on the day, but it just didn't happen). I Had the first slot which was 11am.
What I now know is that 11am on a Sunday morning is very quiet at any mall, more so at NorthWest. But I got out my guitar and started to play after the MC introduced me and all that prep start.
I had also put a hat down because you know that's what buskers do right? Well I didn't get any cash which was kind of sad but I told myself I wasn't there to get money but to share my music. It sound kind of sappy but Oh Well. 
Even though there weren't very many people around I still had fun, my whole family came to support me which was really nice and comforting in a way that I wasn't alone. 
There were other people there but I can almost certain that they were other buskers waiting for their turn and they had brought their friends and family. 
After my half hour was up I got a chocolate bar and a spec savers voucher thing. Yay, free staff.
Well signing off for now
Till next time

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom, it sounds worse then it actually is. This anime is about a classroom of junior high student that have to kill there teacher before graduation, because if they don't there teacher will blow the planet up. Oh and by the way their teacher Koro Sensei is a weird yellow octopus alien creature that has already blown up 70% of the moon, and he can move at mach 20 speed.
E-class is the classroom that is trying to kill their teacher. This is a s special classroom because this student's have been disrespected and looked down upon because they don't/can't learn in a normal respect. For this school to have a good reputation they put all these kids in E-class and use this as a threat to motivate the other students to do better. Koro Sensei has taken it upon himself to teach these kids. 
Even though Koro Sensei has blown up 70% of the moon and is going to destroy the planet, he is the best teacher that the E-Class students have ever had.

This was a really fun anime to watch. The art of the show was really well done but not only that the actually story and character development was really good. These characters had depth and dimension that we learnt about. 

There were many angles of this show, and different arches as well. 
The students had to kill their teacher
The students of E-Class are competing other students and fighting the school system
There are also hints of Koro Sensei's past that is intriguing

The fact that these students are learning to become assassins is also helping with their academics and is also slightly inspiring. To be able to see a very different style of learning is really cool. That a side job like assassinating Koro Sensei is helping the students focus and grow stronger. 

Not only was the anime itself good but also the theme opening song was really good. I found myself bouncy to the them and it really embodied the show because this show doesn't take itself to seriously which was really good. And yes I have downloaded the opening song because it is so much fun to listen to. 

I don't really have one favourite character because they were all so cool. Nagisa, Karma and Karasuma Sensei.

I liked Nagisa because he is one of the main focus points of this anime, but he appreciates Koro Sensei the most, in E Class he feels like he is a someone important and he has the potential of becoming a very dangerous assassin, he isn't very strong or fast but he has the element of surprise and people usually over look him and nonthreatening and weak.

Karma starts of as a complete and utter jerk. He is stuck up and cocky. He sees himself as invisible, he can't do anything wrong. But under all that he is a good friend (sort of).
He is one of the more interesting characters because he can be a sadist which can portray him as a psycho path.

Karasuma Sensei is the gym teacher for E Class which means he is training them assassination skills, like handling a knife and shooting a gun (the type of blades and bullets that they use are harmless to humans but very harmful to Koro Sensei). He is one of my favourite characters because he is cool, calm and deadly. He is strong and skilled.

Well that is all for now. This is a really fun anime to watch, so I would highly recommend this. 

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Fresh start

There is never enough time. There are always so many things that you want to do and never enough time to do them. More often than not, you have so many things going on that you forget somethings. For instance, I am a teenager on holiday and is only now writing on her blog that she started three years ago or something. Life continues and you sometimes forget about things. It happens. I know.

Since the last post I did many things have changed and this blog is going to have to change with it. Don't worry the baking and the sewing will continue, sewing is becoming more of a passion and who know where that will lead me. Baking has taken a step back since my family is cutting back on the sugar and one of the main ingredients of baking is sugar. But no worries it just makes it more interesting and challenging to deal with. What we have noticed is the increase of flavors.

Something that has seeped into my life is anime and manga. It started with manga then I went to anime and I have really enjoyed it. It really is a whole new world so in posts to come there will be reviews of things that I have watched.