Sunday, 26 June 2016

Local Update or Something

Okay so, a few things have happened since last time.
I got a job at a bakery (no I don't make the food, I am only serving the customers food and making milkshakes and some coffees.). It's a really good little job that I do kinda part time. I work on the weekends and since I'm on a roster my hours will change and shift from time to time. Sometimes I'm working both Saturday and Sunday and that can be tiring and sometimes even gets in the way of school work (what a shame) anyway it's really fun most of the time. The people I'm working with are lots of fun. A few interesting customers come in and make my day more interesting. So thats a plus. Also having a job helps with my time managment and organising things, like hanging out with my friends and homework.

The other thing that has started up or been going on for a while is the school production. Which is really cool and fun. The only thing is that there are sooo many people taking part which in a way is awesome with people wanting to do it and all. The only downfall is that the amount of speaking lines and roles gets tough and very competitive. I could rant about the fact that my role is not what I was hoping for but atleast I got a speaking role even if the role is not that big. It still is something and I can still have fun with it. The dance hat we are learning for the roles and the scenes Im in are really cool and they look pretty cool too.

I feel like I've been living at school for the past couple of weeks. I mean its hard enough doing things like drawing and beking when Im at school from 8 in the morning to 5:30 in the afternoon. There is no time in my life to do the fun things that I enjoy and even the less important things like homework sufffer to. When I get a day of work I usually spend it trying to recover and staying well so that I don't take any time of or anything.

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